1. Basic information

  1. Exhibition registration is performed online through the website www.cavyshow.sk and on the backup website www.cavyshow.eu (hereinafter referred to as "web")  in Slovak, English, Polish, and Hungarian.
  2. The web is accessible for exhibitors from Slovakia and foreign countries from EU countries.
  3. Web registration is mandatory and free for all exhibitors. Without registration, it is not possible to submit an exhibition entry and it is not allowed for multiple exhibitors to use one registration to submit multiple entries. Before submitting the first entry for a specific exhibition, the exhibitor is always required to check their personal information listed in their profile.
  4. Incomplete or incorrect entries will not be accepted and will be automatically deleted without prior notice from the organizer or the system. In order to ensure equal conditions for all exhibitors and to ensure a smooth registration process, the website administrator reserves the right to impose a limit of 5 (10) cavies per exhibitor during the first 24 hours of registration without the necessary consent of the organizer, in case exhibitors do not submit entries correctly and in accordance with the guidelines and rules.
  5. The exhibitor has the ability to edit information about the cavy in the entry through the website. If an exhibitor wishes to change the chosen standard or day of the show (Saturday/Sunday) after the entry has been confirmed, they must request this change from the person responsible for entries, who will then decide whether to approve the requested modification. The exhibitor also has the option to cancel the entry through the website before the exhibition deadline (date of registration close).
  6. A confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of the entry will be delivered to the exhibitor within 48 hours of its submission.
  7. If the show's capacity is filled, exhibitors' entries will be placed on the waiting list. Should any capacity become available, exhibitors will be immediately contacted via their provided email addresses, to which they must respond within 24 hours. Otherwise, the freed-up capacity will be offered to another exhibitor with entries on the waiting list.
  8. The exhibitor is fully responsible for the accuracy of the filled-out entry for the exhibition.

Exhibition fee payments

  1. The organizer accepts exhibition fees on its own account or on the account of the website administrator (Fio bank, account number SK83 8330 0000 0024 0112 2243) in EUR.
  2. The Slovak exhibitor pays the exhibition fees in advance by transfer to the account (point 2.a.) by the deadline set by the regulations.
  3. The organizer sets up automatic payment of fees for foreign exhibitors at the exhibition (PnV), so they don't have to contact the person responsible for the entries. The foreign exhibitor also has the option to choose to pay by transfer to the Slovak or Czech account (point 2.a. and 2.d.).
  4. The organizer or website administrator will provide the exhibitor with the option to pay the exhibition fees in Czech currency (CZK) on the organizer's account or on the Czech account of the website administrator (Fio bank, account number 2701157923/2010) free of charge.
  5. The exhibition regulations must, in addition to information about the Slovak account, include information about the possibility of payment in Czech currency (CZK).
  6. In case the exhibitor decides to cancel the paid entry before the specified deadline for registration closure, he/she has the right to request a full refund of the exhibition fees.

3. Organizer

  1. The organizer must be a member of the Cavy Organization SZCH.
  2. The exhibition must be announced in Plemenná kniha morčiat SZCH and must also be reported to the Regionálna a veterinárna správa. The web administrator is not responsible for the fulfillment of the organizer's obligations.
  3. The organizer must award at least a CAC award at the exhibition.
  4. The exhibition regulations are created and managed exclusively by the web administrator in cooperation with the organizer, who is obliged to immediately report any changes. The organizer is responsible for aligning the regulations with the exhibition regulations and these regulations must not be in conflict with the general conditions of the website.
  5. The organizer has the right to request the inclusion of a sponsor's advertising banner in the exhibition regulations with a link to the sponsor's page. It is possible to have an unlimited number of sponsors divided into the categories "general sponsor" and "Sponsor". However, the web administrator has the right to refuse to place the advertising banner without giving a reason.
  6. The organizer may request the placement of a specific advertising banner for the "General sponsor" of the exhibition in the side menu of the web with a link to the sponsor's page (maximum of three sponsors). However, the web administrator has the right to refuse to place the advertising banner without giving a reason.
  7. The organizer must actively cooperate with the person responsible for registrations and must also report any accepted payments for exhibition fees. Contacting exhibitors is the sole responsibility of the person responsible for registrations or the organizer.
  8. The entries are managed by the person responsible for the entries (editing, deletions, confirmation, payment status, and others) until the closure of the exhibition. It is essential that the entries are received and processed within 48 hours of their delivery, in the order they were delivered, in accordance with Fair Play principles. The website administrator is responsible for performing this task. In the event that the website administrator refuses their role, the organizer reserves the right to designate another person to fulfill this obligation, who may not necessarily be the organizer of the exhibition.
  9. The organizer may pre-determine the limit of submitted cavies per exhibitor and capacities for individual standards or their combinations (A+B or A+B+C).
  10. The organizer or the person responsible for submissions must check all submissions within 2 days after the closing date.
  11. The website administrator ensures comprehensive support for the organizer, covering all the features listed. These services, which are available in the "Vlastnosti webu" sidebar, are provided in accordance with the specifications and needs of the organizer, ensuring the smooth running of the show.

4. Exhibitor's Personal Information (GDPR)

  1. The web does not permanently store or provide third parties with information (IP address, location,...) about web visitors. The web's cookies are purely technical in nature and are used solely for securing the exhibitor's login to the web or for customizing the web appearance for the specific type of visitor's device.
  2. Website registration requires only minimal personal information, including: name and surname, town and country of permanent residence, email, and the name of the Cavy Club.
  3. The organizer cannot request additional personal information, including "variable symbol" payment in the form of a date of birth.
  4. Personal information provided by exhibitors (point 4b) will only be accessible to the exhibition organizer. The web administrator will not share the exhibitors' personal information with third parties, but is not responsible for the organizer's handling of the exhibitors' personal information.
  5. Selected personal information (point 4b) will be permanently part of public documents, such as the exhibition catalog and results list, as well as on various cavy breeding websites.
  6. All entries will be removed from the website no later than 90 days after the end of the exhibition, but their data may be used for exhibition-related statistical purposes, with the exhibitors' personal information anonymized.
  7. After an exhibitor registers on the website, their personal information (point 4b) will be kept for future registration in future exhibitions.
  8. Exhibitors have the right to request to cancel their registration on the website. If an exhibitor has submitted an entry for one of the current exhibitions, they cannot request to cancel their registration on the website until the day of the exhibition.

5. Technical Information

  1. The web administrator reserves the right to temporarily restrict access to the website (completely or partially) for necessary maintenance or updates, without any prior notice.
  2. The website administrator is not responsible for any damage or loss of profit that occurs to the organizer or exhibitor directly or indirectly as a result of: interruptions in the operation of the website, unauthorized access by third parties; incompatibility of the website with the organizer or exhibitor's end device; technical problems, including faults and failures of the website.
  3. In the event that two separate exhibitions are held one after the other (for example on Saturday and Sunday), registration will be carried out using a single registration form with the option to choose the day of the exhibition (for example Saturday, Sunday, or both days).
  4. The exhibition menu on the website (containing information for exhibitors and organizers) will only be available after the registration for the exhibition has begun. The capacity status in the exhibition menu will only be available during the course of registration. The organizer has the option to choose from several options for how the capacity status will be displayed.
  5. The exhibition section on the website will be cancelled within 14 days after the exhibition has taken place and the exhibition conditions will be displayed in the archive of completed exhibitions for a minimum of 6 months, including sponsor banners according to point 3 e. .

6. Final provisions

  1. The organizer agrees to the general conditions at the time of publishing the exhibition conditions on this website and undertakes to comply with them during the implementation of the exhibition. This consent can be revoked at any time by cancelling the registration for the exhibition by the organizer.
  2. The website administrator has the right to interrupt the execution of the exhibition if they determine a violation of the Terms and Conditions, Exhibition Regulations, Fair Play principles, or other rules and regulations, as well as based on a submission from any department of "Slovenský zväz chovateľov" (ZO, PK, ...).
  3. For each day of the separate exhibition, the organizer is obliged to pay a fee of EUR 5. The fee is due within 10 working days after the exhibition is held at Fio bank, SK93 8330 0000 0022 0065 7110.
  4. The website administrator has the right to refuse the exhibition without the obligation to specify a specific reason.
  5. The general conditions may be changed by the administrator exclusively during the period when registration for the exhibition is not taking place (the period from the start of registration until the closure of the exhibition). The website administrator is obliged to inform the organizer about changes only during the period when the given exhibition is published on the website.
  6. All provisions in this document are in effect from May 20th, 2023 and enforced by the administrator, owner and contact person of the website, Lukáš Klimša (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).